The 2016 American presidential election was unlike any other in modern history, as the candidates took to Twitter to call each other out. Hillary Clinton won fans for tweeting “Delete your account” to Donald Trump, but Trump got the last laugh, winning the election despite hurling insults in every direction.

Although the 2016 election is unusual because there were as many Twitter Wars as Rap Battles, the accusations slung by the candidates are no worse than past elections, which featured statements accusing politicians of being “pimps” “political lepers” “hermaphrodites” and “pigeon soup.”

13. Washington: “sordid ambitious vain proud arrogant and vindictive knave!”


The insult-machine got started right away, even before the end of the Revolutionary War. General Charles Lee had a well-known hatred of George Washington. It started when Lee, a very experienced soldier, resigned his commission in the British Royal Army, expecting to be elevated to Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army.

But Lee wanted to be paid for his services and was known to be a sloppy weirdo.

Congress instead chose George Washington, who was calm and didn’t want to be paid. Lee was given the rank of Major General, subordinate to Washington.

Later in the War, Lee refused Washington’s order to attack at the Battle of Monmouth, retreating instead, a move that Washington countered by sending Lee to the court-martial. Lee did not take it well, calling the future First President:

“That dark designing sordid ambitious vain proud arrogant and vindictive knave.”

Lee was paranoid and thought that Washington and other American leaders were plotting to kill him. Washington loyalists like Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens challenged Lee to a duel, with Laurens eventually shooting Lee in his side.