The tiny house movement has been picking up steam in the 21st century, as people look to lower their bills and live a more carefree lifestyle. These six tiny houses have taken tiny living to the extreme, as their builders were inspired to live their dreams. Take a look at these tiny houses. Does this inspire you to create your own slice of tiny heaven?

6. Carpenter Builds Forbidden Tree House on the Edge of Whistler Mountain


Building a tiny house can be an attempt at reinventing your lifestyle. Software developer Joel Allen wanted to retire at age 26. He tried to come up with a global fundraiser that would give him enough money to quit working forever. Joel quickly realized that he lacked the hook to create a viral fundraising campaign. He then turned to carpentry, which led him to his bright idea.


Joel met a teen extreme sports fan and the two invented a game called “sports sleeping,” which was a contest between the two of them. The young men tried to outdo each other by sleeping in the most outrageous place they could find. Joel decided to try sleeping up in a tree. That’s when inspiration struck: his project would be building an egg-shaped tiny house high in the treetops.

Daringly, Joel chose to build on crown land in British Columbia. Crown land is owned by the state and is meant to benefit everyone. Although Joel recognized the importance of crown lands, he went ahead with the plan because if he were to buy a parcel of land in the area, it would easily cost him a million dollars.