Drones bring a new way of capturing images that was all but impossible until now. While some of the images on this list are not “forbidden” places for people to visit, they are generally dangerous and are very illegal to shoot images with drones.

With that said, the world is opening up in how we view it. We can now see things in ways few have before. The images can be from an extremely high location or the drones can take the photos during intense action or in dangerous locations.

So, here we are on the edge of a new technology that is changing the way we do things. We have only scratched the surface of what drone technology will allow us to see and the next decade should make articles like this a fun throwback to where it all started.

The odd thing about drones is how we don’t really know what the laws are right now, or what they will be like going forward. The best we can do is try to plan for a future where we can expect plenty of incredible images like we’ve never seen before. Drones have been around for a good while now, but commercial ones are still new. While the governments and companies that used drones in the past did take images, they aren’t full of professional and amateur artists looking to create pieces of art. As drone technology becomes more affordable and laws are more clear, those artists are going to create things of wonder.

For now we are left with the rebels that are breaking the laws to get us a few of these images. We aren’t seeing the proliferation of images like we have as phone cameras have become better and sites were built for them. But the future likely holds a Snapchat or Reddit page that will be solely dedicated to these aerial photos and for a time, at least, they will be what we all spend our day staring at. The future will also make this type of photography the norm. Our children and grandchildren won’t know a world that didn’t have drone photos all over the place, so enjoy the images now as you are witnessing the start of something that will not be appreciated in the same way a decade from now.