Every company needs to stand out in some way. Most of the time it is something subtle in their branding, something that you remember. Other times it is more than subtle, it is subliminal, something you don’t notice at first, but over time maybe you do.

Subliminal messages are still an interesting piece of science as we don’t fully understand how they work. This list of 20 Corporate Logos will give you an idea of what companies are trying to pull off. Some may be more subtle than subliminal, but maybe that is the whole point, maybe we don’t realize how obvious some of this stuff is until we see it.

No matter how the logo is designed, the designer(s) of the logo should be applauded for their creativity. Unless things get dark, it is an interesting way to use the human brain to assist in their recognition and branding. Most of these images will be less subliminal and more clever in their use of space. Subliminal messaging in most advertising has to do with sex and hiding words in ice cubes or smoke. So, instead we will go with 20 designs that are elegant, sometimes subliminal, but always enjoyable to look at and wonder how someone came up with the idea.